A wet summer will bring lawn issues in Flagler and Volusia. More bugs, mole crickets and disease is causing lawns to thin. Call Lawn Defense now to start your lawn and shrub treatment.

Lawn Defense has already seen the following lawn problems begin ahead of the season.

  • Mole Crickets: Thinning and drying out of your grass.
  • Chinch Bugs in your lawn: Brown dead patch of grass that spread.
  • Sod Worms: Missing grass with patches of dead areas.
  • Brown Patch Fungus: Early spring - This fungus will cause loss of your turf permanently and replacement will be needed.

When you grass becomes infested or turf damage has begun one treatment will not eliminate these problems.

Lawn Defense is family owned and operated. The owner will come out and diagnose your lawn problems and recommend a treatment plan, not a sales person. Lawn Defense has two owners and the 2nd owner will treat and monitor your lawn along with our trained staff.

We promise when you become a Lawn Defense customer your privacy matters, We will not solicit or sell your information. Our goal is to keep you as a long standing happy customers so we will only offer the treatment you need. Our customers often give us referrals and we have grown our business through the years with word of mouth.

As a reminder, April begins mosquito season. Read about mosquito control.

Lawn Defense offers lawn care and treatment to Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Palm Coast and Flagler Beach.

Call Lawn Defense for your free estimate at  386-615-1616



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